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I found the ordering process extremely easy to use and the delivery speed was amazing! They actually shipped within about an hour after I placed my order. After receiving the product, I had a service question and the response was also quick and helpful. I'll definitely be purchasing again from ChessHouse!
Richard, July 10, 2015

Love Chess House! Great products and service. Very professional and personal. Highly recommended.
Morris, June 24, 2015
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Chess Software to help your child learn and enjoy chess

For young kids ages 4 and up, the Fritz and Chesster softwares teach chess in a fun way.

For kids that are 7 or older and showing a serious interest in chess, the TASC Chess Tutorial (see video), lacks the snazz, but offers a lot more extensive value, with over 2600 interactive positions, introductions to each concept, testing by making the correct move in a position, and scoring. It has been around for many years, and is a smart investment.

Chess School for Beginners, and Chess Tactics for Beginners are more for kids ages 10+ who already understand how to play. Chess Tactics is an area that will improve a beginner's level of chess play the most.

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Fritz 13 for Fun Fritz for Fun 13

Chess is great fun whatever your playing strength, provided you have the right opponent, like Fritz for example!

Price: $40.00
TASC Chess CD 2 TASC Chess Tutorial 2 (CD) Chess Rules & Learn to Play Chess

FREE with coupon. Beginners will learn to play chess, learn the rules, tactics, strategies, and openings clearly.

Price: $19.95
Save $20.00!
Fritz & Chesster, Part 1 Version 3.0 (CD) Fritz & Chesster, Part 1 Version 3.0 Mobile and CD Rom

Now compatible with all operating systems and devices! iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Linux

Price: $38.00
Save $2.00!
Fritz & Chesster Learn to Play, Part 2 Fritz & Chesster, Part 2 (CD)

Keep their attention with an effective learning program that other parents and teachers actually recommend.

Price: $40.00
Fritz & Chesster Learn to Play, Part 3 Fritz & Chesster, Part 3 (CD)

Part three of the famous Fritz & Chesster series is designed to advance young chess player's skills, move by move.

Price: $40.00
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