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Chess Software to help your child learn and enjoy chess

For young kids ages 4 and up, the Fritz and Chesster softwares teach chess in a fun way.

For kids that are 7 or older and showing a serious interest in chess, the TASC Chess Tutorial (see video), lacks the snazz, but offers a lot more extensive value, with over 2600 interactive positions, introductions to each concept, testing by making the correct move in a position, and scoring. It has been around for many years, and is a smart investment.

Chess School for Beginners, and Chess Tactics for Beginners are more for kids ages 10+ who already understand how to play. Chess Tactics is an area that will improve a beginner's level of chess play the most.

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TASC Chess CD 2
TASC Chess Tutorial 2 (CD) Chess Rules & Learn to Play Chess
Price: $19.95
Save $20.00!


FREE with coupon. Beginners will learn to play chess, learn the rules, tactics, strategies, and openings clearly.
Fritz & Chesster (CD)
Fritz & Chesster, Part 1 (CD)
Price: $40.00

Fritz & Chesster is great for kids ages 8 and up. It will engage youngsters and teach chess in a fun and exciting way!
Fritz & Chesster Learn to Play, Part 2
Fritz & Chesster, Part 2 (CD)
Price: $40.00

Keep their attention with an effective learning program that other parents and teachers actually recommend.
Fritz & Chesster Learn to Play, Part 3
Fritz & Chesster, Part 3 (CD)
Price: $40.00

Part three of the famous Fritz & Chesster series is designed to advance young chess player's skills, move by move.
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