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Choosing a chessboard

For most players a vinyl roll-up chess board is entry level chess board useful at home, casual blitz chess with a friend, or club, or yes, competitive play in scholastic or major events. This all-purpose standard 20" x 20" chess board will be easily recognized at any event and is sized well to be creative with many styles of chess pieces available.

If you're unsure of color, choose green because it assists concentration and is relaxing to eyes.

Wooden chess boards range from rugged to the collectable for finer taste. A well chosen board brings your chess pieces to life like nothing else. Veneer boards are common, with more designs and lower cost and they look great. But if you're the type that wants to know it's solid hardwood, these might not be for you. Solid hardwood chess boards are always more costly to produce and appeal to the those looking for quality they can pass on a generation and beyond.

Novelty chess boards, such as the rubber backed (or mousepad) chess boards with cloth surface can be folded and offer greater flexibility for storage.
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Premium Hardwood Chess Boards
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21" Hardwood Player Chessboard JLP, USA 20" Premium Quality Vinyl Roll-up Chess Board (USA) Silicon Chess Board
21" Hardwood Player's Chessboard JLP, USA
Price: $249.00
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Silicon Chess Board
Price: $14.95
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Perfect for discerning chess admirers and players, one of the finest entirely USA chess boards handcrafted from locally sourced walnut and maple hardwoods. It's solid hardwood from top to bottom showing 64 squares on both sides. Long lasting USA made vinyl roll-up chess boards have a superior look
and feel. Cloth-backed and silk screened in the USA on automobile grade
Extremely versatile 1.1mm silicon chess board folds or rolls very compact and resists deformity entirely.
20" Vinyl Roll-up Chess Board 20" Premium Vinyl Roll-up Board - Brushed Aluminum Style
20" Vinyl Roll-up Chess Board
Price: $3.99
In Stock, Ships now
The vinyl roll-up chess board is the all-purpose chess playing board everyone needs. It's accepted everywhere and is just the right size for competition play or casual games. The roll-up chess mats are thin vinyl, cloth backed to allow easy, lightweight storage, and a smooth playable surface. All you need is a set of chess pieces to match the board. Most common is a 3 3/4" tall plastic club chess set. Cloth-backed and silk screened in the USA on automobile grade, 32oz vinyl, with brushed aluminum look, this board will last for years.
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