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Quick ... easy and I love the selection. Hopefully the 7 year old this set is for will love it
- Pati W, Dec 11, 2014

easy to find product I needed. First time ordering, doesn't make you have an account...LOVE that feature.
- Julie, Dec 10, 2014

I appreciate your straight forward return policies with no vindictive refund charges
- Anonymous, Dec 7, 2014

The materials are better quality than expected. Overall I am satisfied with my order. You have exceeded expectations. I look forward to doing more business with you as I have high hopes for the launch of our school's chess club.
- Fero S in LA, Dec 5, 2014
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Today's latest PC chess software helps you learn and improve at chess, play against your computer, or play with others around the world. With the latest program Rybka or Fritz you can play chess against the computer, set your levels, customize your chessboard visuals to your liking, analyze games, store your games in a database, and even play chess online with others over the Internet - all in an easy to install and use interface.

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Komodo Chess 9 Komodo Chess 9

Released in May 2015, this software is for anyone looking for a fabulous
chess playing experience for the PC with all kinds of robust features
surrounding visuals, playing levels, coaching, online play, and so much
more - essentially miles ahead of any free program.

Price: $76.00
In Stock, Ships now
Deep Fritz 14 Chess Software - 64 Bit Multiprocessor Version Deep Fritz 14 Chess Software - 64 Bit Multiprocessor Version

Single-Processor engines are a thing of the past - that's why the new Fritz comes as a powerful multi-processor version right from the word go.

Price: $75.00
In Stock, Ships now
Rybka 4 World Champion Chess Software Rybka 4 World Champion Chess Software

Play chess against the computer, customize it to your level or style. Rybka 4 plays more aggressively and more tactically.

Price: $58.00
In Stock, Ships now
Swiss Sys 9.0 Tournament Software (CD) Swiss Sys 9.0 Tournament and Club Event Management Software (CD)

Anyone who directs chess tournaments could really use this software.

Price: $89.00
In Stock, Ships now
Deep Junior Yokohama 13.8: 64 Bit Multiprocessor Version Deep Junior Yokohama 13.8: 64 Bit Multiprocessor Version

Used for over a decade by top players as a secret weapon to find novelties and ideas where traditional chess engines only see uninspired moves.

Price: $80.00
In Stock, Ships now
Chess King 4 For Mac Chess King 4 For Mac

Play, analyze, learn! Chess King has all the features you'll need to improve your game.

Price: $79.00
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