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Metal and pewter chess sets offer a more weighted and sturdy feel.
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Chinese Qin Chess and Checker Set with Pewter Chessmen and Storage Golf Chess and Checker Set with Pewter Chessmen and Storage Florentine Staunton Chess Pieces
Florentine Staunton Chess Pieces
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The world of the Qin Dynasty comes alive in this magnificent pewter Chinese Qin Chessmen. Emperors, Concubines, Warriors and of course, The Great Wall are represented in great detail. These are the perfect chessmen for the golf lover in your life. Wonderfully detailed metal set from Italy bears brass and silver finishes.
The Magnificent Chess Pieces 12 5/8" Golf Chess Set and Board Combination Imperial Chess Pieces
Truly majestic pieces in solid Brass and Wood with gold and silver finishes. Enjoy a finely crafted inlay chessboard manufactured from premium wood. Provides detailed backdrop for lead alloy Golf chessmen. Hand-painted details lend elegance to these beautifully wrought metal chess pieces.
Gold and Silver Egyptian Chess Set
Transport back to another time in Egypt with this great board and pieces set!
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