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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Digital Chess Clock Review

In this article i'm going to list off the digital chess clocks that are worth buying, i'm going to give you the facts, the features, and the figures, and let you decide which one is best for you. These digital chess clocks are going to be the cream of the crop, for their categories.

The DGT Easy digital chess clock is on of the best scholastic chess clocks made. The DGT Easy digital chess clock is real easy to operate as far as chess clocks go. It's small enough to travel around with and the DGT Easy digital chess clock is power conserving, it can run a really long time on the same batteries. For your basic scholastic digital chess clock, go with the DGT Easy.

The DGT Easy + digital chess timer is a good choice for more advanced scholastic players, it comes with more modes, namely delay modes. It also comes in a more somber color, black. Otherwise the DGT Easy + digital chess timer is exactly the same as the DGT Easy clock.

Chronos digital chess clocks are by far the strongest digital chess clocks made, they all come in a steel housing that protects the Chronos Digital chess timer like armor. That said, the Chronos digital chess clock is also a joy to use, all the modes ever invented for chess come programmed into the clock, each setting is fully adjustable, and you can have pre-programmed time so you don't have to re-set the time after you play a game. It's crazy all the things you can program the Chronos chess timer to do, you can even program in different sounds it can make! Chronos digital chess clocks come in two styles, button, and touch sensor. Kids like the button Chronos clock better because they like to slam a chess piece down on the clock after they capture it. Adults like the sensor Chronos clock better because it makes less noise.

Chronos Blitz digital chess timers are almost just the same as the original Chronos chess clock, they just come smaller/lighter, and pre-programmed with blitz modes and times. Just like to original Chronos chess timer, the Blitz Chronos digital chess clock is fully programmable.

Dueltimer Champion digital chess clock is the most beautiful chess clock I have ever seen, it is made out of walnut and the faceplate with the control buttons on it is made of shining metal. It looks really good next to the Drueke 21" walnut chess board. Looks good is one thing, but the Dueltimer Champion digital chess clock also works good, it comes with delay modes, and programmable time modes.

I have used all of these digital chess clocks and i'm quite familiar with them, if you have any questions then post a comment and I will answer them.

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