Chess Set Giveaway (June 9-16)

 Collectable Chess Set Giveaway Contest

Warren is 90 and has enjoyed collecting chess for decades.

He and his wife are downsizing their belongings, including his chess collection in preparation for a move.

He would like to see the chess sets go to someone who loves chess and who appreciates the sets for what they are. If possible, he would like to see them benefit kids in some way.

As a local friend, Warren came to us for help. Although Chess House does not resell collections or provide valuations, we wanted to help in some way.

To raise some awareness and help a good cause, we selected four sets from Warren's collection and paired them with chessboards.

One will be given away as part of this contest. The other three sets will be up for sale to support Robert Katende and Phiona Mutesi "Queen of Katwe" and one or more other school chess programs.

What do you know about these sets shown? Which one(s) do you like? Why? What is their value? Which one should we give away? Which charity or school should benefit from a donation? Comment below.


Contest Results In!

The giveaway has ended and here is the winner! 

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What's next?

Set #1 is going to the winner!

Sets #2-4 are being auctioned on Ebay. Watch for news on that and participate if you can!

Right now, you can see what's currently for sale in Warren's Collection.

Thanks for participating in this giveaway! If you're subscribed, you'll receive news about new contests should we run another one in the future.



Warren Chess Set 1


Warren Chess Set 2


Warren Chess Set 3


 Warren Chess Set 4

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