Chess Set Giveaway (May 11-14)

From May 11 through 14 you can enter to win one of three 21" Folding Player’s Hardwood Chess Boards along with a set of finely crafted wooden chessmen!

The folding chess boards are a new product at Chess House in May 2018 and we are celebrating by giving away the first three to help generate some extra awareness and feedback. This new folding design follows the very successful Player's chessboard, exclusively available at Chess House.

On May 15, we’ll select and announce three winners! There’s no purchase necessary. Each chess board is valued at $299 along with a set of wooden chessmen at $79. The value of all three prizes combined is $1134.

The contest is now finished and the winners will be announced May 15 on the contest summary just below the video.


Chess Sets Giveaway


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Enter the giveaway with the tool above. There are several ways to increase your points and therefore chances of winning one of the three chess sets!

Chess Set Giveaway with Pieces shown


Not only are these boards of exceptional quality of solid hardwood, this folding design has the least obtrusive seam and hinge of any design.

Folding Chess Board Ready for Play


Now you can fold the Player's hardwood board for more compact storage or easier transport!

Hinge view of Folding Chess Board for Giveaway


This design is very original in that the seem runs vertically with the grain making it nearly invisible when viewed from a several feet away. There is no loss to the square size and the hinges are also invisible when the board is setup for play.


Closing the board is simply lifting one side and closing it like a book. There is no need to lift the entire board before closing it. Likewise, when you lay it on the table surface, just open it like a book and set up your pieces.

Folding Chess Board Giveaway


Players, admirers, and those who enjoy well-made USA products will appreciate the superior workmanship and finish evident in the Player's Chess Board.  

Closeup of Chess House Handcrafted Board

The Player's board uniquely features decorative grooves running along the squares perimeter, beveled stylish edge, and engraved two emblems in corners to the player's right.

Precision aligned hardwood block construction is given multiple protective finishes for a distinctive, luxuriously smooth surface. It is handcrafted in Pennsylvania from locally sourced premium walnut and maple woods.

The 21" Folding Hardwood Chess Board is also available for sale online.

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