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Millennium Chess Link

  • June 16, 2018

The variety of ways you can play and integrate Millennium's Chess Genius Exclusive chess computer is expanding with the new "Chess Link".

When Millennium introduced the beautiful wooden chess computer it was a goal to make it a platform to introduce upgrades and features. Certainly it appears they are delivering on this.

In addition to the firmware update that was just released, here's what is coming next!

Chess Link connects the chessboard of Chess Genius Exclusive with the automatic piece recognition to various devices via Bluetooth or USB!

You'll be able to access powerful engines for analysis and online play with compatible programs.


Millennium ChessGenius ChessLink

ChessLink Back Panel

Released in mid September, you can look forward to these connections becoming available.

1. Android devices through the app "Chess for Andoid" by Aart Bik with the possibility to load UCI engines. (future online play expected)

2. For IPhone and iPad, the app "Hiarcs Chess Explorer" by Mark Uniacke which offers, among other things, an adaptive game strength with display of the ELO value of the player. It reaches over 3000 ELO!

3. A powerful PC software is in production.

ChessLink is available for purchase here.

Millennium ChessGenius ChessLink


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