Silver Chess Set by Amnon Caspi

Amnon Caspi's many unique works including this unique silver chess set, updated and brought back into production in 2018.

It's one of his brilliant art pieces that have found homes worldwide.

Born in Israel in 1952, Caspi was stricken with polio while a young child and was left severely handicapped with his legs paralyzed. Despite many challenges, he had his first art exhibition at the age of 6.

Amnon Caspi with Raphael Neff

Always a role model, and an example of what can be accomplished by spirit, ambition, and the love of family and friends, Amnon defied the odds, earned an advanced degree, and along with his brother Eric opened Caspi Silver Ltd. in 1986.

Amnon Caspi Silver display

He and his wife own and run the workshop where Caspi employs new immigrants from various countries as well as disabled people who were unable to find other occupations.

Here's a closeup of the rook from his Biblical Judaica history chess set.

Silver Chess Piece by Amnon Caspi

Caspi Silver Chess Set


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