A Revolutionary Chess Computer by DGT

  • February 21, 2018

Chess computers have seen a dramatic resurgence with different companies racing to modernize the world of computerized over-the-board chess play.

The competition appears to be growing with new, exciting innovations reaching the market in 2018 making it more fun and fascinating than ever to play the game of chess against a computer becoming more like playing a human opponent.

DGT just announced their latest design that will "revolutionize" chess computers. There has never been a computer like it.

We are excited to follow the developments on this device with predictions of a release end of Summer 2018.

Nearly everything is new!

  • Thin design
  • Circular on-board LED lights for move indication
  • e-Paper display for optimal readability
  • Adaptive chess program

One of the most exciting and unique aspects of this innovative chess computer is a smart algorithm that adapts it's playing strength to your playing strength. It can give you a fair chance to win and it plays like a natural human opponent. Playing with this DGT computer is a fun chess experience. 

DGT Chess Computer

The chess computer also serves as a unique tool to learn chess through training and analyzing your games, incorporating a HINT system and the option to start a game from any position or random setup on the board. The chess computer is intentionally sized small enough to fit on your table, but large enough to provide a great chess playing experience.

DGT is a leading producer combining the great chess presentation with technical innovations in a beautiful and unique design. DGT first presented this innovative chess computer at the Toy Fairs in Nuremberg and New York.

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