DGT celebrates 25th anniversary with limited edition leather board

  • December 08, 2018

DGT celebrates its 25th anniversary with a very special version of the wireless e-Board.

The Limited Edition DGT Bluetooth e-Board is covered in leather and is made by a master craftsman in Milan, Italy. The modern chess pieces are handmade by the best woodcarvers in India. The DGT3000 chess clock that completes the set is customized in a matching black and red color design.

Only 50 of these sets are made!

Each board is completely unique with its own serial number and Certificate of Authenticity.

The DGT electronic chessboards have connected events and audiences, players and computers for decades.

From the world championships to personal home use, DGT boards have enhanced chess play and study with real chess boards connected to powerful chess computing.

Now, celebrating 25 years, this eye-catching, completely unique, limited edition board is available to chess connoisseurs and collectors.

Buy the DGT Limited Edition 25th Anniversary ChessBoard

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