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Teaching a class or coaching a chess team is both challenging and rewarding. These products will help you improve the classroom experience for everyone.

Wall hanging chess boards, commonly called "demonstration boards" or "demo boards" hang on the wall in front of a classroom so all the students in the room can participate with the instructor. For classes of 20 students or less, the 28" vinyl demo boards are sufficient. For 20+ students, you should consider using the much larger 36" demonstration board.

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  • Chess Medals - Chess Knight - Award - Chess-House

    Chess Medals - Chess Knight

    $3.99 In Stock
  • Chess Medals - Round Style - Award - Chess-House
  • Chess Medals - Square Style - Award - Chess-House

    Chess Medals - Square Style

    $2.99 In Stock
  • Chess Pin Golden Knight/Rook - Accessory - Chess-House

    Chess Pin Golden Knight/Rook

    $1.99 In Stock
  • Gold Knight Chess Pin - Accessory - Chess-House

    Gold Knight Chess Pin

    $1.99 In Stock
  • Rook Chess Medals - Award - Chess-House

    Rook Chess Medals

    $3.49 In Stock
  • Square Chess Pin - Accessory - Chess-House

    Square Chess Pin

    $2.49 In Stock

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"Here's my favorite demo board for leading a chess class. Easy to see pieces. Easy to move pieces. Love having the red stars to highlight squares... can even pull out the dowel in the bottom edge of the demo board to use as a pointer when talking about diagonals, ranks, files, etc!"

Elliott Neff, author of a Pawn's Journey