17" Double Fold Cardboard Chess Board

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About The 17" Double Fold Cardboard Chess Board

This board fits on more surfaces than larger 20" chessboards and still works well with club pieces. This cardboard double fold chessboard is extra compact, small, and lightweight for easy storage.

A great choice for schools, classes or any place a smaller chessboard is required.

  • Board size: 17"
  • Square size: 1 7/8"
  • Gloss Finish

Product Specs

Board Size
Square Size

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gregory Sekreta
Convenient folding board

It is just what I expected. Didn't sit perfectly flat when I got it. With bending and folding sits flat now with standard wood pieces. Just needed to work it in a little.

Edward Seid
Actual square size is 1 7/8"

The actual square size is 1 7/8", not 2" as advertised. I measured with a ruler. To verify, I also measured the total width across all squares to be about 14 7/8". A chess board with exactly 2" squares would have measured 16" total width across.

The board is made of cardboard but not the same type of cardboard as a Amazon or USPS Priority mail shipping box. This board is like stiff glossy cardboard. It's hard to draw a comparison with something familiar. It's kinda like a thick photographic poster stock type of cardboard. The board has a good degree of stiffness, not flimsy like say a cereal box.

As others have noted, it likely won't lie completely flat. You could probably flex it to some degree to make it lie flatter. With use, I would expect the board to get broken in and lie flatter over time.

For $4, my expectations weren't high. I wanted a portable (either folding or rollup) board with slightly smaller squares than a 2 1/4" vinyl board that's common in the US. I got that, though a little smaller than expected.

There is a certain aesthetic and feel when a chessboard is matched to a chess set. If the squares are too small, the pieces seem cramped. If the squares are too large, the board feels overly spacious. A board should be paired to a set and square size is an important consideration. That's why I raise the issue, as this will be important to some people.

Robert Vazquez
It works

While the board does not flatten out when there are no pieces, it still gets the job done. I use this board with 3/4 heavy club pieces and they are a perfect fit. The gloss finish makes it easier to move the pieces. Also would like the board to be a little thicker, maybe that would help add some weight to keep it laying flat.

jim v
folding chess board

great board for the money. stores small, yet has 2 inch squares to accomodate tournament size pieces. time will see about warpage.

richard webb jr.
product was exact

Exactly what. I wanted smooth transaction.