Giant Chess Sets – Style: Made in USA

There are endless places to have fun with a giant chess set... backyards, resorts, parks, campgrounds, hotels, sports areas, timeshares, children's hospitals, anywhere there's a large flat surface to play.

Here's why 1000's of customers are delighted with their purchase of Giant Chess from Chess House.

  • easy to source with great guarantees
  • superior quality pieces and mats
  • easy replacement parts if any are lost


25" Giant Chess Set (most popular)

The 25" Giant Chess Set is made from strong, polyurethane plastic that can be played year round in all weather. The "Staunton" chess set design is familiar and welcoming to players worldwide.

Weighing just a few pounds each, the pieces are fun to play. For windy areas, detachable threaded 9.5" diameter bases can be removed to add weight!

Board options are

  • Chess House custom 9 foot square quick-fold nylon takes mere minutes to setup for party, or day-use with compact storage bag.
  • 9.5 foot square plastic, semi-permanent design can be taken down occasionally, drains in wet weather, and matches the pieces perfectly. For on hard surfaces of any kind.
  • Create your own squares or painted surface from 12" to 20"


Other Giant Chess Set Sizes

  • 16" Giant Chess Set is significantly smaller than the 25" set in overal space requirement. It includes a 5 1/2' square mat and is easier to transport and store. The pieces sizes range from 16" King to 8.75" pawn.
  • 12" Large Chess Set is great for young kids and elementary schools. The mat is 57" square. The pieces size range from the 12" King to the 8" pawn.
  • 8" Large Chess Set includes a 36" square board and the piece sizes range from 8" down to 4 1/4".


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"Here's my favorite demo board for leading a chess class. Easy to see pieces. Easy to move pieces. Love having the red stars to highlight squares... can even pull out the dowel in the bottom edge of the demo board to use as a pointer when talking about diagonals, ranks, files, etc!"

Elliott Neff, author of a Pawn's Journey