Raphael Design Chess Pieces

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  • $225.00 USD

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Product Details

There's something youthful about playing with blocks.

Raphael's imaginative kids inspired him to design chess pieces in block form with piece movements pictured on the block.

True to form, the result was smooth-playing, artful block pieces, complete with fitted storage box. Each piece employs special wood working techniques to pair the walnut and maple. This results in the visual depiction of piece type and movement as they play on the board.

It's an artful, imaginative design whether you feel like playing chess or lightening your day by stacking blocks.

For someone who enjoys originality and very well made wood products, this could be the perfect, unique gift.


  • King height and base: 1 1/2"
  • Pawn height and base: 1 1/8"
  • Brown felt base
  • Box Dimensions: 14 1/4" L x 5 3/4" W x 2 1/2" H
  • Made in USA
Live Edge Chessboard photographed with these pieces is available separately and is not included in the price.

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