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Product Details

Complimenting the American War for Independence pieces is this 17 1/4" square, brilliant padauk and maple chess board with rounded corners and inlay stripe.

Made of polystone resin, the pieces have a light-weight stone feel that is both economical to produce and perfect for such beautifully crafted pieces.

The pieces are intricately hand-painted with lead-free paint.


  • King height: 3 1/2" tall
  • Base size: 1 1/8"
  • King weight: .7 oz
  • Set weight: 1 lb. 4 oz.
  • All pieces weight: 2.5 pounds.
  • Board size: 17 1/4"
  • Square size: 1 3/4"

Customer Reviews

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Sales Literature - Confusion and Question

The hand painted Revolutionary Chess figures appear to be of good quality. My confusion comes from this chess set coming from China, Is there any actual data available for the materials of construction for the chess figures and can I get a certification of no lead paint was used in painting these figures.
Question, did the Chess House use a company in China called "Italian Artisans" to paint these figures. Deceptive advertising means more profit to the company while honest advertising should mean a lower cost to the customer.

Robert, thanks so much for pointing this out! I have made changes to the site and deeply apologize about the confusion! These pieces are from China and I can assure you that they are made with lead free paint.

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