PicoDragons by Grace


As a little kid who loved dragons
I always thought
there should be more of these wondrous beasts in the world

My interest in sculpture started when I was very young, from the time I was playing with Play-Doh, but I got into polymer clay at 13 when I found some in our art cupboard. I started sculpting dragons because I've always had a soft spot for these mythical beasts. Before long, I had made enough to sell at a local library kids craft fair that summer. They were a huge hit, so I kept making them. I got too old for the library fair, but continued selling on youth days at the Bellingham Farmer's Market in the summer, as well as a few other craft fairs.

As my craft continued to develop, I began experimenting with sculpting the dragons on chess pieces. I had been playing chess since kindergarten and have always been fascinated by themed chess sets. I loved seeing all the different varieties for sale at the state chess tournaments, but remember being disappointed that there never seemed to be enough dragons. Eventually, I decided to make my own dragon pieces, and it was something of a dream come true to sell them at the Elementary State Chess Championships in 2014.

I love sculpting because I enjoy using my creativity to put something new and tangible into the world. I also like making items that I would personally want to buy. As a little kid who loved dragons, I always thought there should be more of these wondrous beasts in the world. Now I feel like I can help make that happen for other dragon fans out there!

The money I earn is funding my education at Whitman College, where I plan to major in Visual Art. Eventually, I'd also like to give back to the world and help fund environmental causes.

Thank you for supporting me and enjoying my work! Here are PicoDragons available for sale. I personalize each one so once that number is sold you're the owner of that dragon.

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- Ashley, Queen's Gambit Institute