Strato Chess

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Product Details

Take chess to new heights! Here's a fun variation of chess to stretch your mind and entertain you for hours.

These PDF instructions are better than what is included in the box.


  • 12" overall height
  • 8" acrylic (lucite) chess boards on three levels
  • Aluminum S frame
  • 32 Felted plastic weighted chess pieces
  • King height: 2 3/4"
  • Some assembly, Instructions included

Customer Reviews

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I have played chess all of my life. I have two boys 21 months apart. My oldest and I have played chess every summer since he was about 9, my youngest always hated it. I had a friend in college and play 3D chess, and some games would last around 6 months. I had bought my oldest a 3D chess board when he was around 9, and I accidentally broke it. My oldest is now 22, my youngest is getting ready to turn 21 in October and I taught him to play 3D chess. He loves it! There have been three games total through played on that board since we bought it and this last game has been going on for at least 3 weeks now with my youngest. Thank You!


Very happy with my purchase, first class delivery and I live in Faroe Island, a country in the middle of nowhere, first class service from everyone on, everything arrived in perfect condition, I have made to orders, I both am very happy about both of them.


Strato Chess

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