10.5" Ultimate Magnetic Travel Chess - Checkbook Style

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Product Details

Our best selling Checkbook Style Chess Set just got a little bigger!

It's magnetic pieces are highly visible on the board. Double-fold design offers compact size, similar to a checkbook. Soft, padded feel is an extra bonus.


  • Board size: 10.5in. x 5.5in. x 1/2in.
  • Piece base size: 13/16" just over 3/4"

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Magnetic chess travel set

Very nice magnetic chess set for traveling, thanks, Horace

Really nice set.

16 years ago I bought the smaller one and wanted something bigger. I really like this set. The size is perfect for what I was looking for. Thank you.

Awesome travel board

My daughter loves this board! She plays in the car.. (Against herself- cute I know) Then folds up mid game and can continue on in the house... And then to wherever else she wants to play or can find someone to play with her. This style board is genius!

Product Review

Cheque size magnetic chess set. Love it! I think anyone would be well satisfied! Get it and see! Two day shipping,also! Great company! William

Travels handily and other uses.

To me much handier than the cheque-book sized sets. Use one to play the games in the old Irving Chernev books. Also travel better and more durable than the non-folding backpack 3-size sets you folks sold back in 2011/2012. At same time large enough to play a game at the pool or coffee-shop. Larger pieces easier to pick up and move. Bought several extra sets so I can color the pieces -background red or figures green. Cheaper than buying the old Epoch and Pressman magnetic sets on e-bay so I could have red and white pieces on green & white squares.Finally,if one is a really really poor loser, can pick up set,fold ,whap opponent over head and challenge to duel the next sunrise using the folded sets at 2 paces or smile and say dryly--"J,adoube." Feel free to edit this review. Currahee.

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