The smell of that sturdy wood game brings back fond memories. And the memories you are making today deserve an extraordinary chess set.

The player's chessboard
handcrafted in the USA by artist JLP along with a set of the most iconic Championship chessmen is the perfect way to make a lasting impression.

The Heirloom Championship Chess Set is a stunning gift for anyone that loves chess.

In rural Pennsylvania, this artist's Swiss heritage of precision woodworking skills has been passed down through five generations. Today the lost art of woodworking is continually refined, blending timeless techniques with the latest knowledge on crafting American hardwoods.

Here are more chess sets like the one above, and more by JLP.

The VTEK-300 is available to order now, and shipping before Christmas. We've tested it and it is amazing. The display shows everything you need to see, and setting the clock is so intuitive. Order it now and get some extras for free.

The chess computer for tournament and club players running Chess Genius software by Richard Lang and recommended by world champion Karpov. The first delivery sold out fast and the next is arriving soon, just in time for Christmas. It is going fast too. See why the Chess Genius is the ideal chess computer.

The Chess4life learning tools by Elliott Neff set up children for success at learning the game while sharpening life skills. Avoiding bad habits and often overlooked strategies is a key factor in improving rapidly.

And now there's a safe, effective, and fun way to learn, practice, and compete with Chess4Life Online

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