Play on with Millennium e-Board

Play and learn in even better ways on your Millennium Electronic Board combined with the powerful Android app.

There's always someone ready to play you on After your game, use's improved game review to discover even better strategies.

This video demonstrates how to connect a Millennium Board to with an economical tablet running Android.

Supreme Tournament 55 is a the ultimate electronic chess board to play with

The Ultimate Millennium Board for Play on

Auto-sense move input

Onboard lighting and move display
Over 21" square with tournament size pieces

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More Ways to Connect and Play

Auto-sense move input, onboard lighting and move display

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Press-sense move input, Onboard lighting and move display

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Sold out

Nikon G.
11/6/2021, NC

I was absolutely delighted with the speedy delivery and quality of the chess pieces I ordered. They were quite reasonable, but gorgeous and beautifully crafted. Excellent packaging as well. Order with confidence.