Solving the replacement chess pieces dilemma

Nearly every day we're contacted by someone who has a valuable chess set only to discover their pet has chewed it beyond repair.

When you buy a chess set, it's usually not in the forefront of your mind how you'll resolve the unexpected loss. And there are many threats to your chess set besides pets.

Unfortunately most stores don't have the resources or willingness to help you obtain replacement chess pieces.

Yet, there's no need to retire your chess set, count it a total loss, spend many hours searching for replacements from another vendor, or even give up altogether!


Chess House solved chess piece replacements with the ChessCare+ Plan that provides you the peace of mind when you order.

Whatever happens years from now, we've got it covered with a no-hassle, EASY plan that gets your set back to full strength again, like new.

We instantly look up your order, identify the resolution and send it your way!

So, if your pet decides to snack on a few chess pieces, we'll send you the ones you need. Or if the need is significant, imagine getting a completely new replacement 5 years from now and we cover the cost... including shipping.

Best of all, we've made it easy.

Just select the ChessCare+ Plan on products where it's available and you'll enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

Don't waste hours hunting for replacement parts by buying your chess set at stores that aren't there to help you down the road.

Need replacement pieces but don't have ChessCare+ Plan?

If you don't have a ChessCare+ Plan we will still do our best to help. Start with the replacement chess pieces page.


How the ChessCare+ Plan works

When you select a plan it's permanently on record with your purchase making it easy for us to resolve any situation that arises.

Any time you or the person who received it as a gift reaches out, we work to quickly and easily identify and replace the items - with no charge!

There's no need to save the paperwork. Just reach out by name and we'll look it up.

Just to be helpful though, your order confirmation email and printed receipt in the box will show your Chess Care+ Plan.


What does it cover?

1. Scratches, spills, bites, drive-overs - any kind of damage. Even sets that are partially missing pieces!

2. Up to an entire chess set replacement over the life of the plan. If you need a few pieces here and there - fine! Up to the equivalent of an entire set replacement.

3. If parts are not immediately available, we will source them and provide. If they are completely unavailable, we'll credit your ChessCare+ Plan as an in-store credit.

4. International shipping of individual chess pieces is included, but the shipping may be charged on needs that include chess boards.

I need to make a claim on my ChessCare+ Plan

Reach out via or use the contact form on any page of the store. You can also call 1-800-348-4749. Taking one or more photos with your smartphone will help us resolve your need most quickly.


Shop chess with ChessCare+ Plan

Chess House is uniquely able to offer this plan, unlike most stores that also sell chess sets. We're rolling out this plan on more chess sets every week. If you want to buy a chess set and see the ChessCare+ Plan included, just ask us!

Now, become a kid again and shop or fine selection of Chess Sets!