10 Great Ways to Get Better at Chess - Davies

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Product Details

How can you improve at chess? This is the eternal question asked by players of all levels. Which part of the game should you focus on? How often should you play? Should you change your opening repertoire? What's the best way to learn from your defeats? So many questions ... and yet direct answers are hard to find. It's no wonder aspiring players are left bewildered and in need of direction. In this book grandmaster Nigel Davies provides that direction. He examines the methods used by a number of players who were looking to improve their game, and how they went about achieving their goal. He has drawn heavily on the games and thoughts of players who have been his students over the years and experienced a clear improvement in their play. Finding the path towards improvement can prove difficult without the right guidance. This book will demonstrate the route to take.


  • A major study of chess improvement
  • Written by a renowned chess trainer
  • Tackles all areas of the game.
  • 160 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Everyman
  • Published: July 2010
  • "10 Great Ways to Get Better at Chess" targets amateurs who are busy with work and family and 'who thus have far less time and energy available' to put toward chess improvement, as opposed to 'full-time chess addicts [who] are able to devote [the time] to the process' and thus can afford numerous false starts. Everyman Chess has done its usual good job of layout, with good use of diagrams, fonts, bolding and italics creating an attractive book. - Rick Kennedy: Chessville.com
  • This is one of Nigel Davies's best books, maybe his best so far. With it, he draws on all his experience as a chess coach to present his own 'top ten' paths to improvement. His suggestions and recommendations have been tried, tested and found to work - the case studies provide proof of that. So why not follow the advice of chapter 7, 'Read a Good Book', and seek it out? You won't be disappointed. - Paul Kane: Manchester Chess Federation
  • 10 Great Ways to Get Better at Chess is a thoroughly enjoyable, easy read that offers readers the benefit of Davies' many years of chess coaching. As he writes in his Introduction, "The ways people approach the task of trying to improve their chess can be haphazard at the best of times. This is particularly the case at amateur level, where players tend to have far less time and energy available." This book offers a number of approaches to combat the wasted time of haphazard training. Sixty-four well-annotated games significantly add to the reader's learning process. - Steve Goldberg: ChessCafe.com

Topic: Strategy

Series: Everyman Publishing

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