21" Hardwood Player's Chessboard JLP, USA (DISCOUNTED FOR IMPERFECTION)

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About The 21" Hardwood Player's Chessboard JLP, USA (DISCOUNTED FOR IMPERFECTION)

Why this discount?

The quality standard for these boards is very high and as they enter the warehouse each one is inspected to make sure they are absolutely amazing. Sometimes they are not quite amazing, so we move them to imperfect status, for reasons that might be insignificant or imperceptible to some people. But we want to keep the quality amazing for those sold as first rate. Additionally, sometimes minor imperfections appear during the manufacturing process and it would be a shame to discard the product after so much effort and material has gone into making it to that point. Sometimes we accepted a few of these boards at a discounted rate and pass the savings on to someone who loves this style of chessboard but really wants a break on price.

About the product

Players, admirers, and those who enjoy well-made products will appreciate the workmanship of this chess board that is ready to pair with a variety of suitably sized chess pieces. All Heirloom Collection Chess Sets are built on this board.

The chessboard is handcrafted in Pennsylvania from locally sourced premium walnut and maple woods. The process of creating the boards takes many months, from the drying and curing of woods, to the special cutting and assembly process, to the final details that include grooves, beveled edge, engraving, and the multiple finishes that gives it the trademark luxurious and distinguishably smooth surface. Over many months, Raphael created this chessboard model inspired by Drueke's obsolete works. It has become a remarkable showpiece and platform for any set of chess pieces one owns that are suitably sized, usually 3 3/4" tall on average.

The work of creating this chessboard is entrusted to a Pennsylvania family with a rich heritage of woodworking and farming passed down through five generations, and originating in Switzerland. The lost art of woodworking is continually refined, blending timeless methods with the latest knowledge on living wood behavior.

The creator of this chessboard has studied wood movement extensively. Wood is "living" after it is cut down, not a rigid block. Due to the circular ringed nature of a tree, the direction of cuts is very important to the natural expansion and contraction of the wood as humidity levels change from one environment to another. This unique expansion of both woods used in this work of art, require great attention in every phase.

21" square solid maple and walnut chess board with 2" squares, 3/4" thickness, it's ideally suited to standard 3 3/4" set of chess men.

Care: It can be helpful to store or display the chessboard vertically so that equal temperature and humidity is applied to both upper and lower sides of the wood. A light lacquer finish is applied for furniture style smoothness, and a soft, dry cloth should be used to wipe the surface dust free.

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Customer Reviews

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Wonderful 21" JLP Chessboard

I bought the 21" Hardwood Player's Chessboard JLP, USA (DISCOUNTED FOR IMPERFECTION). Today I received it and it´s really wonderful, spectacular. I don't know what the imperfection is. The board arrived in the specified time, perfectly packed. Thank you Chess House for the excellent service and quality of the board. I have no doubt that I will continue buying chess sets from you

Ryan Buckley
Perfect chess board

I was looking for a professional chessboard with a nice border. I took a risk to save a few dollars on the "imperfection" board but honestly I can't tell where the imperfection is. In fact, I'd forgotten that I ordered with that stipulation until I came here to review the board. No qualms, no issues. Came as advertised (and actually better!)

Fast shipping, too. With some beautiful wooden pieces that I bought on Etsy, this truly is a remarkable board.

John Maclean
Imperfect 21" JLP Chessboard

I received my chessboard within 3 days of placing my order!
I couldn't be happier with the board. The minor imperfection was indeed that "minor".

David Wilcox
Imperfect board ... where is the imperfection?

I am very happy with the board.