6" Ultimate Magnetic Travel Chess - Checkbook Style

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Product Details

This pocket size set is often given as an award to students. It's magnetic pieces are highly visible on the board. Double-fold design offers compact size, similar to a checkbook. Soft, padded feel is an extra bonus.


  • Board size: 6in. x 3.25in. x 3/8in.
  • Piece base size: 1/2"

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Marco Guida
Worth the money

Good overall design; the graphical representation of pieces on the tiles could be improved, but acceptable.

Mitchell Robison

6" Ultimate Magnetic Travel Chess - Checkbook Style

I really looked for a Travel Chess-Checkbook and found ChessHouse to not only have the BEST Price...

I really looked for a Travel Chess-Checkbook and found ChessHouse to not only have the BEST Prices but the Quality is sound + sturdy! I would definitely RECOMMEND PURCHASE for Self and/or Gift...it is useful in any instance or setting...& FUN like a snack-size candy bar in a pinch!

Pieces Stick to Plastic Interior

I spend a lot of time outdoors and loved the idea of this set. Great when camping, for example. However, after having this set for a while the ink/paint on the face of the pieces stuck to the plastic interior and pulled off the markings, making them unusable (I live in a warm environment, too). I'm really bummed, I wanted to continue using this. Also, I agree with others that it's poorly designed regarding storing captured pieces. Simple design adjustments in storage and different materials to prevent sticking would make this little set a winner.

Seattle Rain
Useful for studying unfinished games or puzzles

I like this set. Granted, it is difficult to put the pieces back into the cut-outs, but I am able to do it. My best solution is to use a small ziplock bag, where captured pieces are immediately placed in the bag, and the entire checkbook fits when the game is over. I will be ordering 2 more sets for my young grandchildren, who seldom finish a game in under 30 minutes, the maximum attention span for little kids. They are excited at the prospect of winning their own set for good play.

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