8" Drueke Gift Magnetic Chess Set

Product Code: 87730

  • $22.95

Product Details

This Drueke Magnetic set was particularly useful in that it could store a chess game mid-game and let you resume later. The lid closed on any chess position.

Since this Drueke set is no longer available, we recommend the Play Keeper set.


Original Item Description

Lightweight and great for the traveling player. Keep your game in progress with strong magnets and enclosure that allows you to leave any chess position in place.

This product 87730 is different than Drueke's discontinued 87710 durable hard plastic case, this case is made of a durable cardboard material.


  • Board size: 8"
  • Square size: 3/4"
  • King size: 7/8"
  • Pawn size: 7/8"
  • Base size: 5/8"
  • Set weight: 10 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ronald Rangel
Not the Drueke "plastic clamshell"

Love the pieces and shape of Drueke sets even the dinky magentic ones here. This set was kept ina superior plastic clamshell case that would protect the pieces as well as the position. A cardboard box is a very poor step down and its rather expensive for its size. Avoid.

Paul Anthony
Take Note!

I really like my Drueke set, HOWEVER, take note that before even putting one piece or pawn on the board you need to spray the entire surface of the board with multiple coats of a good quality, clear plastic spray. This is vital, believe me, I’ve owned two of them. This board scratches extremely easily! In fact, I also spayed the entire set (box, and pieces, pawns) with multiple coats of plastic spray. This, too, made a real difference in the quality feel (and added some water resistance), and also kept the mini magnets from easily coming off.

Note, as well, that the pieces are very small and that the Bishops and pawns, and King and Queen look a lot alike—especially the black side. What I did is paint a little red stripe in the both black and whites Bishops’ caps to distinguish the Bishops more easily. Also, I had two mini gold ‘keeper’ pierced ear rings when my daughter was very young, and a jeweler friend drilled a tiny hole into the top of the Kings’ cross crowns where and then inserted the tiny, gold ear ring ball piece. Really unique looking and now I can more readily distinguish the Queen from the King.

But the most important thing is to spay the board before using it the first time so that you will get a lot more milage out of this set.

best travel set

I have bought many travel sets; this is by far the best. Unfortunately, years ago they changed the color of the black pieces so that they are too similar to the color of the black squares. They used to be browner, providing better contrast and a much better experience. But it's still the best travel set.


I bought this chess set in 1972 and played it ever day with a friend in High School. I always admired the craftsmanship and have kept it for almost 50 years now. The cardboard box is long gone from wear but I have a little wooden case with a magnetic board. I still use the pieces and they look just as good as the day I bought them. Its worth every penny. Its one of the few things I still have from all those years.

Was really surprised that Drueke no longer comes in the durable plastic box

I have two older drueke sets. A magnetic one and a peg one. They used to come in a semi-indestructable plastic case. THIS IS NOT THAT SET. This is in a cardboard box. It's too difficult for me to send it back, but this was not what I expected at all. I guess I've played chess too long. Please chesshouse let folks know this is a cardboard not plastic box when ordering. Thanks!

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