Alekhine's Defence - Davies

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About The Alekhine's Defence - Davies

Alekhine's Defense is a sharp and often underrated counter to 1 e4. Black immediately challenges the white e-pawn and tries to lure White into constructing a big central position. Black's hope is that White's central installations will become unwieldy and vulnerable to a middlegame counter-attack. However, Alekhine enthusiasts must always be careful - get it wrong and White will come crashing through! Whether you want to play the Alekhine, or want to know what to do against it as White, this book will be an essential addition to your armory.

  • 144 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Everyman
  • Published: February 2002
  • this work can especially be recommended to all who currently play the opening and to any club player wishing to take up a slightly offbeat, but very playable, defense to 1 e4. - Richard Palliser
  • this is a useful survey of the current state of play in the Alekhine, with many original re-evaluations and suggestions. **** - Checkpoint
  • admirable and up-to-date first primer on this interesting system against 1e4 - British Chess Magazine
  • All together Nigel Davies has written a very understandable work on the Alekhine defence! - John Elburg - Chess Mail
  • The Alekhine's Defense has not received Grandmaster coverage in some time, and Nigel Davies has done a nice job of selectively filling in some of the critical areas in this underestimated defense. The practical player should find the right mix of theory and explanation, and even the experienced player should benefit from Davies analysis and theoretical improvements. 8.5 out of 10 - Randy Bauer: Chessopolis

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