Beating Unusual Chess Defences 1e4 - Greet

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About The Beating Unusual Chess Defences 1e4 - Greet

Anyone who plays 1 e4 as White must be prepared not only for Black's main defenses but also an assortment of less popular lines. These, when taken together, represent a significant percentage of the replies you can expect to meet when opening 1 e4. Dealing with these slightly offbeat variations is often a daunting task, especially since your opponents are likely to be specialists in these lines and therefore know them inside out. This book provides the perfect solution. International Master Andrew Greet gets to grips with each of these tricky openings. He identifies how to exploit their weaknesses whilst avoiding their strengths, thus constructing a practical and dependable repertoire for White. This book covers everything a 1 e4 player needs to know about facing these defenses.

  • Written by a renowned opening expert
  • Full of original ideas and analysis
  • Ideal for those looking to improve, club players and tournament players.
  • 304 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Everyman
  • Published: December 2011
  • Playing the Ruy Lopez is one thing, but to use 1 e4 in serious games requires knowledge of numerous other openings. This new book should help readers deal with some of Black's other responses. -
  • ... is a book whose title doesn't hint at the gold inside. This work, which covers the Scandinavian, Pirc, Modern, Alekhine and the Anti-Philidor is filled with some great analysis and suggestions. Highly Recommended - John Donaldson
  • Beating Unusual Chess Defenses: 1.e4, is organized around 62 model games that offers both plenty of concrete analysis and explanatory prose. This combination helps to make the book useful for a wide audience from 1800 on up to professionals. An excerpt of this book, which is also available as an e-book, can be found online. Highly Recommended - John Donaldson - Chess Today
  • State-of-the-art analysis and games edited by a renowned openings expert - Martin Rieger - Rochade Europa

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