Break the Rules! : A Modern Look at Chess Strategy - McDonald

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As we progress as chess players we quickly learn a set of guidelines which help us to formulate plans, develop typical strategies and recognize key tactics. However, chess is not an easy game, with fixed 'rules' that can be applied to every single position. In fact, blindly following such rules proves to be counterproductive and prevents a player from moving on to the next level, whereas knowing when to 'break' these rules is precisely the skill which separates the best from the rest.

In this instructive book, Grandmaster Neil McDonald studies in depth the key components of successful rule-breaking in chess. Drawing upon his own experience and using illuminating examples from modern grandmaster chess, McDonald examines how to avoid stereotypical thinking, how to exploit typical thinking patterns, and how to confuse and beat opponents with surprising ideas.


  • Improve your chess strategy and creativity
  • Recognize and exploit typical thinking processes
  • Check your progress with rule-breaking exercises
  • 160 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Everyman
  • Published: November, 2012
  • Most of the games are annotated with a light touch, drawing attention to the critical moments rather than delving into detailed variations. Decisions about when to,'break the rules' are not going to suddenly become easier, but I think this book is best approached as a collection of unusual games and ideas, thoughtfully presented. Luke McShane - New in Chess
  • Cool and entertaining, with continuously fresh ideas - a really big deal! Martin Reiger - Rochade Europa/Schach Zeitung
  • Stylish effort. Michael Adams - The Telegraph
  • Break the Rules is jam-packed with big ideas that will challenge every assumption about how to play a game of chess. It is for creative players who are not afraid of playing and thinking beyond their comfort zone. Glance at any of the book's diagrams and you will find dynamic, exciting, and creative examples from today's top-level players. In conclusion, this is a book of unusual chess moves and maneuvers designed to reboot and freshen our approach. Winning by any means necessary means using every resource available. Any piece can be used in any way to win. McDonald has chosen instructive games that inspire. He peppers his book with informative quotes and his wry wit in a book both instructive and fun. He has uncovered some fascinating games won with some surprising moves. John D Warth -
  • His book contains lots of advice, information and wisdom that could only benefit anyone who cares to digest it. Ian Marks - Chess Scotland

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