Chess Endgames 13 Double Rook Endings - Mueller

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Double rook endings occur frequently and are different from single rook endings in several respects. There is not much literature on them but this DVD will help fill the gaps.  Many guidelines remain valid of course like activity is the order of the day, the king want to blockade passed pawns, the rooks does not and the rook belongs behind passed pawns be they friendly or enemy.  There are also many new motifs, king safety plays a much larger role due to the increased firepower on the board, for instance.  Therefore the value of extra pawns often increases as they can provide the king with much needed shelter.  Furthermore the endgame expert discusses the question of the right exchange in detail, which crops up much more often than in single rook endings.  That means it is important to develop a good intuition if the attacker or the defenders profits more from an exchange of a pair of rooks.

The grandmaster from Hamburg, Dr. Karsten Mueller, has been playing in the top division of the Bundesliga for the Hamburg Chess Club since 1988 and in 1996 and 1997 he came in third in the German Championship.  An internationally recognized expert on the endgame, he writes the Endgame Column for ChessBase Magazine and the Endgame Corner on


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  • Language: English
  • Video running time: 4hrs. 34min.
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