Chess Results, 1936-1940 - Di Felice

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About The Chess Results, 1936-1940 - Di Felice

A Comprehensive Record with 990 Tournament Cross-tables and 125 Match Scores. This comprehensive chronological reference lists the results of men's chess competitions all over the world. From the famous to the lesser known, both individual and team matches from 1936 through 1940 are remembered here. Entries record location and, when available, the group that sponsored the event. Both first and last names of players are included whenever possible and are standardized for easy reference. Compiled from contemporary sources such as newspapers, periodicals, tournament records and match books, this work contains 990 tournament cross tables and 125 match scores. It is indexed by events and players. Includes tables, bibliography, and indexes. Foreword by Ivo Fasiori.

Author Gino Di Felice lives in Mosciano Sant'Angelo, Teramo, Italy. He works in an alimentary industry. He is also the author of Chess Results, 1921-1930 (2006) and Chess Results, 1747-1900 (2004)

  • 352 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: McFarland
  • Published: 2007

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