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Product Details

Both reliable and durable in its strong metal case, the electronics in this clock offer the ultimate in accuracy and programability. This clock is suitable for slow and fast players alike. It will handle long, multiple time controls as well as any fast blitz, or "lightning" setting. As is the problem with some other digital chess clocks, there is no question when it comes to pressing the buttons on the clock. They are well designed and clearly indicate when you have pressed them, even with the lightest touch. Four anti-slide rubbers keep the clock in place and its low profile prevents it from tipping. Most importantly, the LCD display is large and clear. It also features optional lights and sound. Though some people say it is difficult to program, others that have spent an extra few minutes in the manual say it is easy and allows the most flexibility.


  • Approximately 70 pre-programmed and 12 user-defined time controls.
  • 3 AA batteries are included.
  • Made in USA.
Main Chess Modes
  • Blitz - standard mode for speed play.
  • Andante - time delay before each move.
  • Chess Byo-Yomi - allows a minimum time per move.
  • Hour Glass - opponent's time goes up as players time goes down.
  • Progressive - tournament style multiple period (2 to 4) time controls with last control repeating.
  • Internet Chess Server - also known as "Fischer" timing, as commonly used on chess servers.
  • FIDE - Rapids and tournament modes for FIDE.
  • Count Down - Multiple period (2 to 4) time controls without move counting, last control repeating.
  • Count Up - Simulates mechanical clocks; time delay Count Up mode available.
  • Adagio - Adds back time after each move, also known as "Bronstein" timing. Available with multiple period (2 to 4) time controls.
  • Sudden Death - Fixed time per player. Available with multiple period (2 to 4) time controls.
  • Sudden Death with Delay - Fixed time per player, with delay before each move. Available with multiple period (2 to 4) time controls.
  • Count Down with Delay - Multiple period (2 to 4) time controls without move counting, last control repeating, with delay before each move.
Main Go Modes
  • Japanese Byo-Yomi
  • Andante Byo-Yomi
  • Progressive Byo-Yomi
  • Canadian Byo-Yomi
  • ING Byo-Yomi
Measurements: 8.75L x 2.75H x 2.75W

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