DGT Centaur Bag

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About The DGT Centaur Bag

Here's the specially designed travel bag for the DGT Centaur so you can take it wherever you go! Padded storage protects the chessboard and two compartments hold the pieces and power accessories.

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Customer Reviews

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Bobby Angelo
Excellent carrying bag for DGT Centaur

First, a special thanks to Chesshouse for providing this bag to me in a very timely fashion. It meant a lot to me to be able to get this bag as I am now able to bring my Centaur to the cancer treatment center since I am a caregiver to my closest family member whom I take there every two weeks. Many of the cancer patients are very interested in the Centaur and chess itself and for just a few moments it takes there mind off what they are going through.

Second, the bag itself protects the Centaur board very well and the slots for the pieces are large enough to comfortably fit both the pieces and the the unit charger. If I don’t need the charger,since the battery in the Centaur seems to hold a charge for several hours, then I can use that slot to bring a well wrapped sandwich or muffin to the Center.

So am very satisfied with the Centaur carrying bag and would highly recommend it for anyone who needs to carry their Centaur out of their house.

David Benjamin
Cheaply Made and Has terrible chemical smell

I was incredibly disappointment with this bag. As soon as I pulled it out of the box I could smell this horrifically strong chemical smell. The materials and workmanship is of the cheapest quality. One of the zippers had pulled apart. I cannot believe that a maker of such quality chess sets would put their name on such garbage. I would not pay any more than $20 for this bag and maybe not even that. Avoid.