DGT Plastic Chess Pieces 95mm (3 3/4")

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About The DGT Plastic Chess Pieces 95mm (3 3/4")

A unique Staunton design in high quality plastic, this DGT 95mm set is attractive, weighted and finished with felt bases.

  • King height: 3 3/4" (95mm)
  • King base: 1 5/8" (41mm)
  • King weight: 1.6 oz
  • Set weight: 28.8 oz
  • 32 Pieces
  • One queen per side

Product Specs

King Height
King Base

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Eric Schwab
Great plastic set!

Very playable. Very durable. Way better than the “triple weighted” sets everyone sells that arrive with loose weights or get them after a few games. Not as heavily weighted but still good. Knight looks a little dopey but otherwise fantastic set.

Marc Weeks
Good set, good service

My recent purchase of the DGT chess set went really well. For some reason, however, when I tracked its shipping progress, it showed me it had gone to Memphis, TN, which seemed a bit odd since it was coming from Washington state to California. But it arrived as scheduled and quickly too. The set is nice. The bases for the pieces are just the right size (pet peeve = narrow bases for the kings and queens). As one reviewer I think has already pointed out, I believe it's de rigueur these days to have extra queens; small quibble, though.

Mario Navarro Chavez


DGT tournament size set.

I noticed this set when I came across the DGT Grey Starter Boxes. I have that starter box as well. This set is the bigger brother to the starter box set. I really like the design of the set. Has a Jacques of London/Reykjavik look to the set. The bases are fatter than most sets which I like. Adds to stability of the pieces. The Rooks have the DGT molded on top of the turrets. Just like what the old Drueke sets had on their Rooks. The Ivory color for this set I am very pleased with. Most black and ivory sets have a really bright white color for ivory. This set does not. It has an off white color to the ivory pieces. Kind of like brick mortar or Arby's Jamoca shake or a 3 Musketeers nugget color is the best way to describe the color of the ivory side in this set. The set has a slight gloss to them but not over powering. The biggest down side of this set is no extra Queens. Most sets today have extra Queens. This is the new norm for sets these days to have extra Queens. Other than that the set is awesome and will be a good set for clubs and tournaments. Makes for a good gift idea for loved ones or friends. I used this set on the brushed aluminum vinyl board. That chesshouse offers. Very good contrast with the set a board in my opinion. There is a slight weight to the set but not real heavy.