Empire Chess Vol. 38: Winning Pawn Moves for Beginners - IM Lomineishvili

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About The Empire Chess Vol. 38: Winning Pawn Moves for Beginners - IM Lomineishvili

Understanding the decisive impact certain types of pawn moves can have in different positions can change the development of a beginner chess player. Many players find it easy to learn the first 10-15 moves of an opening or memorize common tactical patterns, but it may be much more difficult to understand the reasons behind certain pawn moves in different positions. Although the pawn is the cheapest piece in chess, it is extremely versatile in movement, ability to capture, and promote. In some positions, a single pawn move can have more of an impact than any other piece. This 4.5 hour chess DVD is extremely helpful to beginner chess players because it is a comprehensive review of nearly every different type of pawn move that will change the outcome of a game. Viewers will learn about a variety of topics ranging from the importance of creating passed pawns in the endgame, to the most effective methods of attacking with an isolated pawn structure, or the best ways to blockade and target your opponent's isolated pawn! Winning Pawn Moves for Beginners is presented by Maia Lomineishvili is an International Master and Women's Grandmaster from Georgia with over 15 years of professional chess playing and teaching experience.


Chapter 1 Creating Passed Pawns
Chapter 2 Common Endgames
Chapter 3 Simplified Middlegames
Chapter 4 Complex Middlegames
Chapter 5 Decisive Attacks
Chapter 6 Increasing the Pressure
Chapter 7 Exploiting Weak Squares
Chapter 8 Isolated Pawn Structures


  • Author: IM Maia Lomineishvili
  • Runtime: 4 Hours 30 Minutes
  • Level: Beginner / Intermediate
  • Type: Comprehensive

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