Fat Five and Friends Animal Chess Set

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Meet the Fat Five and Friends Chess Set, a beautifully designed African animal chess set  based on the top five largest animals of Africa that is full of warmth, lovable characters  adorable poses and life. 

Sized perfectly for home display and play, this set makes a fabulous gift option for others or as a treat for yourself!  It's a must-have for African wildlife enthusiasts.

The Fat Five chess pieces, board and inlay designs were carved by hand and then used to create molds which accurately reproduce them in poly-stone (a unique mixture of crushed stone and resin). They are then painted by hand in incredible detail by a team of exceptionally talented South African artists using high-quality Winsor and Newton oil paints. 

The board squares are hand carved from koto and cherry wood, and then treated in accordance with international import standards and requirements. The board is then set in its polystone frame which boasts a stunning African design.

You can feel good knowing your purchase supports those South African artisans who produce these fine detailed sets. 

The animal-themed chess pieces consist of the following:

  • The king - lion
  • The queen - leopard
  • The knight - hippo (light)/rhino (dark)
  • The bishop - buffalo 
  • The rook/castle - elephant
  • The pawn - warthog (light)/zebra (dark)


  • Board size: 15.25 (15 1/4")
  • Square size: 1.563 (1 9/16")
  • King height: 2.125 (2 1/8")

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