Foxy Openings #6 Anti-Flank Openings (Old Indian system) (DVD) - Martin

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Product Details

Now you need no longer fear those insidious Flank Openings. IM Andrew Martin recommends his favorite Old Indian system which you can use against all the Flank Openings and also 1.d4.And along the way you will discover the secrets that he has used to score countless victories against grandmaster opposition


  • 1: Part 1: Black's Set-Up
  • 2: Part 2: Strategy & Ideas
  • 3: Part 3: Games
  • Run Time: 120 minutes

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
CM Daniel
Unusually good

If you can get past the heavy accent (difficult to understand at points)... and the boring graphics... the ideas in this video are gold.

He hints at a second way to manage the opening but does not follow up on it. However, with work the hint is enough to be helpful.

This video is not a "stand alone" if you are building a repertoire. However, it is a nice piece to have in building a complete re

Good teacher

Martin tackles a "lost" opening explaining it so the "average" player can understand it and start playing it immediately. The ease of explaining the ideas comes from Martin's teaching skills.

Most of the DVD is based on the Queen side expansion but there is a brief moment when he introduces a king side expansion (but does not continue with the idea... is there a part two available on that idea?).

Martin's arguments are convincing. However, much of the success Black has is due to White not knowing the correct answer. The trouble is Martin does not cover the "correct" play and how to "force" a winning position. It may be that the opening is "lost" because it is less troublesome for White than the King's Indian or the Nimzo-Indian. Another possibility is that Black sells the soul to make one idea work.

Be aware: this opening is a positional struggle. If you like wild open attacks, then you will have to be patient.

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