Foxy Openings #9 Beating the Anti-Dutch Systems (DVD) - Martin - Software DVD - Chess-House

Foxy Openings #9 Beating the Anti-Dutch Systems (DVD) - Martin

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Product Details

This is...A complete solution for Dutch fans to the growing number of tricky systems which unashamedly dodge the main lines. With this video, Black can now be ready with antidotes to the better White options and refutations of the more dubious attempts.


  • 1.d4 f5
  • Part 1: 2.Nc3
  • Part 2: 2.Bg5
  • Part 3: Staunton Gambit 2.e4
  • Part 4: Qd3/2.Bf4/2.h3/2.g4
  • Run Time: 120 minutes

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