How to Play Against 1d4 - Palliser

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Finding a suitable defense to 1 d4 isn't an easy task, especially if you don't have endless time available to study all the latest theoretical developments. If you choose fashionable openings, it's imperative to keep pace with modern theory if you want to succeed with Black. Those who are unwilling to become slaves to opening theory need not fear - this book provides a solution. Renowned opening expert Richard Palliser advocates the Czech Benoni, an uncomplicated, low-maintenance but effective opening in which the importance of understanding ideas and tactics far outweighs the necessity to memorize move sequences. Palliser examines in detail both the Czech Benoni and the closely related Closed Benoni with 1 d4 c5, and he also explains what to do against various Anti-Benoni options.


  • Czech Benoni and 1 d4 c5 repertoires for Black
  • Explains key positional and tactical ideas for both sides
  • Ideal for improvers, club players and tournament players
  • 256 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Published: Everyman
  • Published: August 2010
  • Understanding is definitely the key to success in these rare Benoni lines. This book - strong on prose explanations - is a very good guide to relatively unexplored territory. As such, club players looking for something different (and relatively easy to learn) to play against 1 d4 will find it especially useful. Sean Marsh
  • Yet another excellent opening book from the pen of Richard Palliser. Paul Kane Manchester Chess Federation

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