How to Win at Chess Quickly! - Williams
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How to Win at Chess Quickly! - Williams



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About the How to Win at Chess Quickly! - Williams

Let's face facts: everyone enjoys winning. And the only thing better than winning is to win quickly! Mistakes are often made in the early part of the game - at all levels of chess - but a key skill is to recognize these critical moments as they happen and to exploit them with maximum efficiency. This is a skill which Grandmaster Simon Williams addresses in this book. Using instructive and entertaining games in which one side wins quickly, he examines all the typical mistakes chess players make in the opening and early middle game, how you should look to exploit them, and how to avoid falling into similar traps yourself. All too often opponents are let off the hook, mistakes go unpunished and the game drags on. Don't let this happen to you - become a ruthless winner!


  • Improve your opening and middle game skills
  • Be ready to exploit any error
  • Ideal for players of all levels.
  • 192 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Everyman
  • Published May 2010
  • The chess variations are kept light; the prose is allowed to breathe and this provides ample advice for the club player to improve the skills of spotting mistake in the opponent's play and tightening up the contrasting aspect of one's own game. Club players are the target audience. -
  • A fun way to learn the right way to attack. - Gary Lane Chess Moves (ECF Magazine)
  • How to Win at Chess - Quickly! is a book that manages to instruct and delight in equal measure - Paul Kane Manchester Chess Federation
  • I have seen a number of books with similar titles over the years, yet this one immediately struck me as being different. In the introduction Mr. Williams opines that many players would love to finish their games as fast as possible and wonder how some players are able to do it? Are they lucky? Extra booked up? Or is it a stylistic consideration? I found the book easy to work with, very informative and a good tool to use for players looking to understand the pieces of knowledge used to win chess games. I would recommend this book to players under 2300. - NM Bill McGeary


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