Karpov's Strategic Wins 1: The Making of a Champion - Karolyi

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About The Karpov's Strategic Wins 1: The Making of a Champion - Karolyi

Anatoly Karpov is one of the greatest Chess World Champions with his prime strength the subtle maneuvering of positional play. Many of his opponents have been baffled by the profundity of his strategies, but here Karolyi explains Karpov's genius: Karpov's Strategic Wins features Karpov's most entertaining and instructive strategic wins from 1961-1985 when Karpov proved he was a worthy successor to Bobby Fischer's title.

  • 458 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Quality
  • Published: May, 2011
  • "Karolyi dissects Karpov's wins thoroughly and the books examine Karpov's career in detail. It was a colossal undertaking and Karolyi spent several years studying his protagonist. He delivers a fascinating account of Karpov's skills." GM Lubomir Kavalek, full column at Huffington Post and ChessBase
  • "Karpov's Strategic Wins 1 is a masterpiece! The explanations are written with clarity and precision, the depth of the analysis is incredible, the production is outstanding, and the game examples are as enlightening as they are entertaining. This deserves book of the year accolades. Do yourself a favor and buy it in hardcover, it's worth it! [6/6 stars]" Brian Almeida, ChessCafe
  • "The ability to easily follow his life, games, and stats makes for compelling reading... WOW! It's easy to see that lots of thought, planning, love, passion, and hard work were put into this magnificent book... Karpov's Strategic Wins 1 gets my highest recommendation if you enjoy going over master games, are a fan of Karpov, or wish to study high-level positional concepts through the use of Karpov's games. This is, quite simply, one of the finest game collections I've ever seen." IM Jeremy Silman

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