Knights of the South Bronx

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About The Knights of the South Bronx

The most captivating, entertaining chess movie since Searching for Bobby Fischer!

You'll be thrilled. It's inspirational.

A business man decides that he wants to teach school in the inner cityand chooses a tough school in the South Bronx. He teaches the children how to play the game of chess, and along the way they learn a lot aboutlife.

Richard's entire class is lifted out of nothingness and boredom to fight for life, success, and the thrill of achievement! He helps his entire class discover chess one day, much to the dismay of school authorities. Richard's mind is torn as even his wife disapproves when he turns down a lucrative job offer to stay with low-paying job... "his kids" and his class. But Richard cannot be swayed from helping the kids find new hope in life. When Richard's class is reaching new levels of achievement in their studies the tide is turned, his wife comes to his side, and his Knights of the South Bronx battle their way to winning championships and battling all signs of defeat... often from within their own minds and ranks - their classmates. But they encourage one another and overcome, inspired by the game of chess.

Running Time: 86 minutes

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Customer Reviews

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Michael S O'Brien
"Knights of the South Bronx, DVD Movie"..

* Excellent DVD movie.., about a school class.., learning Chess.. * True story and (ChessHouse) did an excellent job ! May you and yours.., have a, "Happy New Year ! !".. Mike O'Brien in historic Uptown Butte and the 'Big Hole Valley' in Southwest Montana.. :)

AAbbaArt Kathy
"Knights of the South Bronx" shines like the North Star!

Hard a very hard time finding this DVD until I discovered - - very limited availability at extremely high prices if you could find it at all. In-Stock & BEST PRICE here, packed safe & shipped FAST -- a fine, Inspirational Chess movie not to be missed!!!

140.6 Finisher
Wonderful family chess movie

Movie is enjoyable for both chess players and those who do not play.