Large 22" Vinyl Roll-up Chess Board

Product Code: E037-0001

  • $9.00 USD

Product Details

This vinyl board offers enlarged squares and overall board size at 2 3/8".

It will fit in Deluxe bags and 12x9" Sleeve bags.


  • Board size: 22"
  • Square size: 2 3/8"

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Richard Berman
Good to have

Good to have roll-up for larger pieces.

Very nice

What can i say? It's a very good vinyl board. 22 inches with a 19 inch playing area. The squares themselves are slightly larger (2 3/8 inches) so the 4 1/8 inch king pieces i have sit very nicely. As much room as you'll find in a roll up board. And yes it fits in a 24 inch bag Thank you Chess House!

Ed C. In NC
A steal

Bought a Silicone one to compare it to - your vinyl wins hands down. Perfect companion for my Inspiration chess set.

jim v
chess boards

great price/nice boards

James Green
Chess house large 22 vinyl roll up chess board

This is a great board. So much better to be playing on a large board. Uncramped and spread out. Shipping and Handling were both excellent.

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