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Master Method Collection: Chess Lessons to Become a Chess Master

The Master Method series lets you hear the secrets of success from some of the world’s best players and coaches, giving you access to all the resources you need in order to become a chess master.

Each of the volumes, which range from 5-15 hours in running time, lays bare the most efficient ways to improve at specific chess topics, enabling you to benefit from the presenter’s hard-earned experience.

Now, for the first time, we’ve brought together ALL of the Master Method series into one great value bundle, giving you instant access to the complete, world-class, chess instruction.


Chess Lessons from Experienced GMs and Coaches

Want to follow the same learning method Susan Polgar uses in her record-breaking SPICE program, the program that created world stars such as GM Wesley So?

Ever wondered what secrets allow prodigies like GM Daniel Naroditsky to achieve supernova progress? The Master Method Mega Bundle allows you to get this information directly from the players themselves!

Then you get world class GMs like Olympic gold winner and 2018 US National champion Sam Shankland, Team USA coach Alex Lenderman and 2700 players Liem Le Quang and Paco Vallejo giving you pro-level chess lessons in essential skills like dynamic chess, imposing your will, managing your emotions and understanding pawn structures.

Add to this FM Melekhina’s superb guide to discovering your personal style and honing it to perfection.

The Master Method Mega Bundle gives the serious chess player everything they could need to achieve success and become a chess master along with a big discount on the cost of the individual courses.


About the Authors:

The Master Method Mega Bundle includes exclusive chess video lessons from the following GMs and Coaches:

  • GM Susan Polgar (Peak Rating 2577)  – GM Susan Polgar’s Complete Course for Club Players
  • GM Daniel Naroditsky (Peak Rating 2649) – The Naroditsky Method  1 – Achieving your Chess Potential (The Naroditsky Method 2)
  • GM Aleksandr Lenderman (Peak Rating 2636) – The Lenderman Method  1 – Chess Secrets of the World Champions (Lenderman Method 2)
  • GM Liem Le Quang (Peak Rating 2737) – The Le Quang Method
  • GM Sam Shankland (Peak Rating 2727) – The Shankland Method 1 – Tactics & Calculation for the Ambitious Player (The Shankland Method 2)
  • FM Alisa Melekhina (Peak Rating 2304) – The Melekhina Method
  • GM Paco Vallejo (Peak Rating 2724) – The Paco Vallejo Method
  • GM Irina Krush (Peak Rating 2502) – Time, Space and Harmony  (The Krush Method)
  • GM Damian Lemos (Peak Rating 2559) – The 5 Elements of Chess Mastery (The Lemos Method)
  • GM Judit Polgar (Peak Rating 2735) – Judit Polgar’s Secrets of the Sicilian  (The Judit Polgar method)
  • GM Arkadij Naiditsch (Peak Rating 2737) – Naiditsch’s Tournament Preparation Guide (The Naiditsch Method) – Naiditsch’s Dojo – Tournament Training for the Attacking Player  (Naiditsch Method 2)
  • GM Simon Williams (Peak Rating 2550) – Chess Improvement Secrets for the Busy Player (The GingerGM Method) – Revolutionize your Chess (The GingerGM Method 2)
  • GM Ivan Sokolov (Peak Rating 2706) – Dynamic Chess Secrets (Sokolov Method)
  • GM Bryan Smith (Peak Rating 2503) – The 4 Pillars of Chess Strength (Bryan Smith Method)
  • GM Nadya Kosintseva (Peak Rating 2576) – Killer Chess Skills (The Kosintseva Method)
  • GM Csaba Balogh (Peak Rating 2672) – Secrets of Modern Masterpieces (The Balogh Method)
  • IM Valeri Lilov (Peak Rating 2443) – From Amateur to Master (The Lilov Method)
  • IM Anna Rudolf  (Peak Rating 2359) – The Anna Rudolf Method – Smash the Barriers to your Chess Success!
  • GM Romain Édouard (Peak Rating 2702) – The DNA of a Chess Champion (The Edouard Method)
  • GM Nigel Short (Peak Rating 2712) – The Short Way to Mastering Tactics (The Nigel Method)
  • GM Mihail Marin (Peak Rating 2616) – Mihail Marin’s Attacking Academy (The Marin Method)
  • IM Irina Bulmaga (Peak Rating 2427) – How I Became an IM (The Bulmaga Method)
  • GM Fabien Libiszewski (Peak Rating 2545) – The Bulletproof French Defense (The Libiszewski Method)
  • GM Ron Henley (Peak Rating 2525) –  The Deadly Sicilian Dragon (The Henley Method) & London System Reloaded – Henley Method #2
  • GM Axel Delorme (Peak Rating 2528) – Modern Chess Fundamentals (The Delorme Method)
  • GM Efstratios Grivas (Peak Rating 2528) –  Grivas’ Advanced Chess School (The Grivas Method)
  • GM Daniel Gormally (Peak Rating 2573 ) – The Gormally Method – Secrets of The Middlegame
  • IM Robert Ris (Peak Rating 2449) – Practical Chess Improvement for the Aspiring Club Player
  • GM Anatoly Karpov (Peak Rating 2790) – The Anatoly Karpov Master Method
  • GM S.P Sethuraman – Train Like a Chameleon: The Sethuraman Master Method
  • IM Ekaterina Atalik – Atalik’s All-Around Guide for Club Players – The Atalik Method
  • IM Elisabeth Paehtz – Practical Chess Common Sense for Paehtzers – The Pehtz Method

      Is this course for me? 

      If you want to learn the best-kept secrets of chess success directly from the world’s best players and coaches, The Master Method Mega Bundle is right for you.

      Each Master Method features a world-class presenter providing exclusive chess lessons, training tips, and shortcuts to help you become a chess master.

      With 37 courses to choose from (average running time 15 hours!) plus a ton of great value bundles, this is the perfect opportunity to get the specific training you need to achieve your chess goals.

      From openings to endgames, tactics to strategy – everything you could possibly imagine is in here.

      And all taught in-depth, with crystal clear language, practical examples, PGNs, puzzles, Q+A videos with the presenters, brilliant bonus footage… it’s the ULTIMATE training resource for any serious chess player.

      Additional information

      Running Time 500+ hours
      Presenter FM Alisa Melekhina, GM Daniel Naroditsky, GM Mihail Marin, GM Paco Vallejo, GM Ron W Henley, GM Sam Shankland, GM Simon Williams, GM Susan Polgar, IM Robert Ris, IM Valeri Lilov, WGM Anna Rudolf, GM Aleksandr Lenderman, GM Arkadij Naiditsch, GM Axel Delorme, GM Bryan Smith, GM Daniel Gormally, GM Fabien Libiszewski, GM Irina Krush, GM Romain Édouard, GM S.P Sethuraman, IM Ekaterina Atalik, IM Irina Bulmaga 
      Level Intermediate
      Encoding Standard H.264, .mp4, compatible with all Apple and PC devices.
      Production House Online Chess Lessons
      Included Products
            • The Polgar Method – GM Susan Polgar’s Complete Course for Club Players 
            • The Naroditsky Method – GM Daniel Naroditsky 
            • The Lenderman Method – GM Aleksandr Lenderman 
            • The Le Quang Method – GM Liem Le Quang 
            • The Shankland Method – GM Sam Shankland 
            • The Melekhina Method – FM Alisa Melekhina 
            • The Paco Vallejo Method – GM Paco Vallejo 
            • Time, Space and Harmony – The Krush Method 
            • The 5 Elements of Chess Mastery – The Lemos Method 
            • Judit Polgar’s Secrets of the Sicilian  – The Judit Polgar method 
            • Naiditsch’s Tournament Preparation Guide – The Naiditsch Method 
            • Chess Improvement Secrets for the Busy Player (The GingerGM Method) 
            • Dynamic Chess Secrets (Sokolov Method) 
            • The 4 Pillars of Chess Strength (Bryan Smith Method) 
            • Killer Chess Skills (The Kosintseva Method) 
            • Tactics & Calculation for the Ambitious Player (The Shankland Method 2) 
            • Achieving your Chess Potential (The Naroditsky Method 2) 
            • Secrets of Modern Masterpieces (The Balogh Method) 
            • From Amateur to Master (The Lilov Method) 
            • The Anna Rudolf Method – Smash the Barriers to your Chess Success! 
            • Revolutionize your Chess (The GingerGM Method 2) 
            • Chess Secrets of the World Champions (Lenderman Method 2) 
            • Naiditsch’s Dojo – Tournament Training for the Attacking Player  (Naiditsch Method 2) 
            • The DNA of a Chess Champion (The Edouard Method) 
            • Mihail Marin’s Attacking Academy (The Marin Method) 
            • How I Became an IM (The Bulmaga Method) 
            • The Bulletproof French Defense (The Libiszewski Method) 
            • The Deadly Sicilian Dragon (The Henley Method) 
            • Grivas’ Advanced Chess School (The Grivas Method) 
            • Master of Sacrifice (The Bryan Smith Method 2) 
            • Modern Chess Fundamentals (The Delorme Method) 
            • The Gormally Method – Secrets of The Middlegame 
            • Practical Chess Improvement for the Aspiring Club Player (Robert Ris Method) 
            • London System Reloaded – Henley Method #2 
            • The Anatoly Karpov Comprehensive Chess Course (The Karpov Method)  
            • Train Like a Chameleon: The Sethuraman Master Method 
            • Atalik’s All-Around Guide for Club Players – The Atalik Method 
            • Practical Chess Common Sense for Paehtzers – The Paehtz Method 


                  Customer Reviews

                  Based on 8 reviews
                  Larry R.
                  Master Method Megabundle

                  Some of the courses I already owned purchased through other "bundles", however most of them I did not. There are half a dozen alone that are superb enough to justify buying entire bundle. I DO have a couple of minor complaints however, (1) If you are going to sell courses to a country like the USA where ENGLISH is still the national language you should ensure that authors submitting those courses have someone edit/translate SYMBOLS and language into ENGLISH. I noticed some authors using French as well as German symbols/language and Spanish . If you DON'T have translated language versions in English you should so clearly state as Fritz DVD's do. Some authors do a GREAT job of providing LOTS of "extra's", very well annotated games, clear & easy to understand for mortal human beings, Pdf's etc. One for example is Anna Rudolph. I would buy and recommend any and all of her courses. There are of course many others I like. Some authors are obviously just "cranking out another course for sale. The amount of effort they put in their work can be readily ascertained by the fact some authors only provide "simple PGN's- games that could be readily downloaded from a database with NO ANALYSIS, comments or anything else. Some authors give COMPREHENSIVE material with their courses like KARPOV ! Really liked his material. Sammy Shankland is doing great in his courses as well as Vellejo pons, Mihail Marin etc.It will take months to give a fair evaluation to all the authors, it took me 2 days just to download the files!

                  Raymond V.
                  Great content

                  I have bought this for a very low price and the content is just great. For every level there is a master that will help you with your chess progress. Anna Rudolf and Simon Williams are my favorite teachers and explain things very well.

                  I bought the megabundle at a d

                  I bought the megabundle at a discount about 5 months ago and have been lucky enough to have had the time to go through about 1/4 of the content. For a 1500 level player like me there is just sooooo much useful information here. To start with I've tried to concentrate on the area that I felt was my biggest weakness (middlegame) so I glanced through most of the courses pulling out the chapters that looked most relevant. Some had to be parked for now as the content turned out to be too advanced for my current level (which is a good thing for later) but the bazillion that I have watched so far were very informative and gave me a lot of confidence going into my most recent tournament, where I felt comfortable against much higher rated opponents. Now onto the more advanced middlegame themes, plus the videos on the other areas (tactics, openings, endgames, tournament prep etc.).
                  Obviously these videos are not magic, in the sense that the knowledge will not just jump into the viewer's head just by watching them unthinkingly, but if you are prepared to pause them frequently and think critically, e.g. guessing the move and then observing the move played and listening to the presenter's comments, this pack is an absolute goldmine of instruction.
                  There are a range of presentation styles, some more serious and some more jocular, some where there are fewer examples but the points are made with crystal clarity and others where you get more examples than you can shake a stick at - it depends on the viewer's preference but I would have thought that most students are going to find multiple presenters here that are on exactly the right wavelength for them.
                  Overall, I think that given the range of topics, target ELO levels and presentation styles, this pack offers a fantastic opportunity to the serious chess student. So far I have found the courses challenging, but also fun and immensely rewarding. If you can combine this pack with analysis of your own games e.g. with the help of...

                  William Stoll
                  My rating is in the mid 1900s.

                  My rating is in the mid 1900s. This entire package is awesome. It's hard to know where to start, and which method to start with. I did the Nigel Method already, and he was awesome teaching that tactics can come from the most simple positions. I am doing the Atalik Method now, she is gets better and better as the lessons go on and I've already picked up some pointers on the IQP. I do the Susan Polgar method while working out, this method is really well organized and super easy to follow.
                  I want to thank ichess for selling this to me. this is one of the best gifts I've given myself. I like this type of video better than chessbase because I can take this with me on my tablet and play it whenever without having to install a chessbase reader, which is not amazon fire or ipad/phone compatible. I also like these videos better than what has because I don't have to have an internet connection to play them. This helps during kids karate and swim practices!
                  I would prefer that each method have a suggested skill level though...

                  Joe yang
                  I am a 1500 rating player. As

                  I am a 1500 rating player. As a beginner, I think this series are somehow hard to digest. Some of GM like ginger GM (my favorite), Anna Rudolph, Lilov, and Susan polgar are easy to follow and cover various topics and help me a lot on some fundamentals. Others are more for advanced players and I watched some but could not folLow all the way.
                  I got it at deep discount. For sure it's a great deal, I just did not have time to watch all these videos. I may come back to watch them later when I get more experience.
                  Another feedback is each method usually covers too many topics and each topic is not deep enough to help me to fully understand.

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