Mental Toughness in Chess - Schweitzer

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About The Mental Toughness in Chess - Schweitzer

Your performance at the board does not only depend on your pure chess skills. Being a winner also requires a mindset that is able to cope with lots of stress and setbacks during hours of uninterrupted concentration. Just like technical chess skills, mental toughness can be trained. There are simple steps you can take that will help you to better realize your potential. Professional mental coach and chess player Werner Schweitzer has been working with chess teams and individual players for many years.

In this book Schweitzer presents practical tips and tools that will help you to improve your mental power during a game. You will learn how to increase your concentration and stamina, recognize your own strengths and weaknesses, cope with losses as well as victories, increase your self-discipline when studying, handle disturbing thoughts and feelings during a game, boost your self-confidence, avoid underestimating (and overestimating!) your opponent, make better decisions while under pressure and other mental skills.These lessons and simple mental workouts will help players of all levels to unlock the full power of their brain and win more games.


  • 128 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: New In Chess
  • Published: 2020

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Malcolm Fowler
Quick and Easy

I purchased this book for two people: 1 ) for myself and 2) for my great-grandson. The book meets my expectations of my interest in chess and also wanting to encourage my great grandson in his pursuit of chess and of life since there is a wonderful parallel between the two. Both require thoughtful, calm, controlled reasoning to disallow mistakes throwing you off course. It also greatly encourages the growth of the muscle of the mind, memory and reasoning ability. I greatly enjoyed the book and look forward to passing it on to him during our next visit along with another game of chess.