Mini African Bird Chess Set

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With a small footprint, bold, bright pieces, and an authentically African board design, this Mini African Bird Chess set makes a fabulous gift option for others or as a treat for yourself!

This gorgeous little chess set features some of southern Africa’s most well-known and loved birds, livening up any room! Revel in the flamboyant and dazzling tones and hues of the hand-cast and  painted poly-stone pieces. Admire the intricacy of the designs carved into both the chess set’s wooden board and poly-stone frame.

The miniature African bird chess set features the following playing pieces:

  • The King – Eagle
  • The Queen – Hornbill
  • The Bishop – Kingfisher
  • The Knight – Owl
  • The Rook – Francolin/ Guinea fowl (opposite sides)
  • The Pawn – Francolin (opposite sides) / Guinea fowl

The set’s chess pieces, board and inlay designs were carved by hand and then used to create molds which accurately reproduce them in poly-stone (a unique mixture of crushed stone and resin). They are then painted by hand in incredible detail by a team of exceptionally talented South African artists using high-quality Winsor and Newton oil paints. 

You can feel good knowing your purchase supports those South African artisans who produce these fine detailed sets. 


  • Board size: 10"
  • Square size: 1.563 (1 9/16")
  • King height: 2.375 ( 2 3/8")

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