Nelson Mandela Chess Set

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Product Details

Amazing Africa Gifts brings you a twist to South African Politics. Our Nelson Mandela Chess Set features some key figures from the Apartheid era. The unique chess pieces include Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and FW De Klerk amongst others. The chess set is made from wood and polystone and is hand-painted by South African artists.

This piece of African art is a board game of the highest quality and makes a perfect gift or interior decor conversation piece. Although South Africa is now a free and democratic society, we must never forget the struggle and history of how this freedom was won.

The apartheid themed chess pieces consist of:

  • The king - Nelson Mandala & F.W. de Klerk
  • The queen - Winnie Mandela & Marike de Klerk
  • The knight - Journalist & Eugene Terblanche on his horse
  • The bishop - Bishop Desmond Tutu & "Pik" Botha
  • The rook/castle - Robben Island Light House & NG Kerk Church
  • The pawn – Robben Island prisoners & guards

Both the set’s chess pieces and board frame are cast by hand in polystone (a unique mixture of crushed stone and resin) and painted by hand in incredible detail by our exceptionally talented team of South African artists using high-quality Winsor and Newton oil paints. The wooden chess board itself is also carved by hand, as are the molds that are used for the chess pieces. The molds for the pieces in the small set are exactly the same design as in the larger set and are made to scale using 3D printing. The pieces in the smaller set are also cast and painted by hand.

The board squares are created from koto and cherry wood, and then treated in accordance with international import standards and requirements. The board is then set in its polystone frame which boasts a stunning African design.

Each set (board, pieces and frame) takes approximately nine (9) hours to be crafted from start to finish by our extremely skilled and talented artisans and craftspeople, with some time allocated during the process for the paint to dry.


  • Board size: 17.875 (17 7/8")
  • Square size: 1.563 (1 9/16")
  • King height: 4"

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