Passant Heavy Club Chess Sets 10-Pack (up to 20 players)

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Product Details

Passant Heavy Chess Set Pack for up to 20 players is a Triple weight stylish set to equip your chess club with the basic chess sets and boards you need while keeping the cost down. We recommend the forest green chessboards as the best for students, as this color improves concentration and is easy on the eyes.


  • Twenty(10) of the E034 chessboards that can be rolled up or laid flat for storage.
  • Twenty(10) of the E104K 3 3/4in regulation size chess set pieces composed of solid plastic, black and ivory chess set pieces with green paper-thin felt bases, and steel weight rated as triple weighted, suitable for all chess clubs, schools, and chess instruction.
  • TIP: Roll up the chessboards with the chess board squares facing outward. This ensures the board will lay flat later, when in use.
  • Twenty(10) E116 chess bags to keep the chess pieces from getting lost or mixed, we recommend selecting the optional quick and convenient drawstring chess bags.

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