Pawn Sacrifice! Winning at chess the adventurous way - Taylor

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Pawn sacrifices are incredibly common in chess games, and yet curiously they have been neglected in literature... until now. In this pioneering work, Timothy Taylor carries out an in-depth study of this major subject. Using an abundance of instructive examples, Taylor uncovers the secrets of pawn sacrifices, highlighting the many reasons for their success and indicating the ideal situations in which pawn sacrifices work, as well as those cases in which they are not so effective. The ability to handle pawn sacrifices is one of the most important skills in chess, and enhancing this skill will undoubtedly improve your understanding and results. This book will show you how to do this.


  • 240 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Everyman
  • Published: May, 2008
  • You will take great benefit from reading this book thoroughly. Many different examples and line-ups of pawn sacrifices can be memorized and afterwards you will have the feeling that you have really learned a lot. Recommended!
  • Tim's excitement with the subject matter is obvious on every page, and his conversational writing style and humor keep things hopping ... Tim had a clear agenda: to excite, teach, and entertain the reader and make the student as thrilled with the prospect of sacrificing pawns as he is himself. - Jeremy Silman
  • The special feature of the book is not what is behind the title but the annotation of the games by a renowned novel author. - Rochade Europa
  • Recommended for everyone, definitely also for correspondence chess players.
  • I found Pawn Sacrifice! to be an entertaining and informative instruction manual. If you've been feeling that your game has been flat, or that you're just not enjoying chess like you used to, put Taylor's ideas to work. - Steve Goldberg
  • Highly Recommended - Chess Horizons

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