Pewter Medieval Chessmen - Gold and Silver

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Richard the Lion Hearted, the great Crusades, come alive in this vibrant silver and gold set of chivalrous chessmen. Kings, queens, knights, castles and crowns, these are all elements of the Medieval times. Today's chessmen were given these names by Europeans who probably were unable to pronounce the original Persian names for the pieces. The different chess pieces offer a snap shot of medieval life with its feudal system, ceremonies, wars and grandeur. Get a taste of this noble life with our beautifully made Medieval chessmen! The aristocratic, sculpted, pewter chessmen will captivate the imagination of players young and old alike.

Our thoughts: These pieces come with a felt underlay on each piece that you, like us, may find is really not adequate for the purpose felts are usually provided, to protect a chessboard surfacing from scratching. You may feel they are fine or you may want to add some felt material on your own. The pewter pieces have an amazing heavy feel and inspiring presence, so it's a pity the felts are less than impressive.


  • Includes 32 Chessmen
  • King size: 2 7/8"
  • Base size: 1"
  • King weight: 3.1 oz.
  • Set weight: 4 lbs. 2.8 oz.
*Chessmen only, no board included.

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